PRivacy Law Checklist Mockup-2

The Privacy Act 2020 affects everyone who collects any data for any reason.

At Network Service Providers (NSP), we value your commitment to 
abide by the changing data privacy and security policies. On top of preparing
the IT solutions you need to succeed, we’ve compiled all the information
to help you navigate this new Privacy Act.

A PII Consultation will provide information about:
Today - the Present-145

Where you are now

Tomorrow - The Future-146

Where you need to be

Automatic scheduled backup jobs

How to get there

What an NSP complimentary PII consultation looks like:

  • Choose a day and time slot in the consultation calendar 
  • You will receive a confirmation email with your chosen date and a conference link

  • On the day of your consultation, join the session via the supplied link
  • Choose a quiet space as this will be a video conference
  • Make sure to turn your video on as face-to-face interactions heighten the experience for both you and your NSP communications specialist
  • At the end of this meeting, your NSP PII Security specialist will set a time for a review and recommendation session.